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Parts of a book called "How to rap" @

Big Noyd
I write everything down on paper. Now with the technology, a
lot of people use their BlackBerries and [T-Mobile] Sidekicks
and stuff to write, but I’m old school—I’m straight pen and

Parts of a book called "How to Rap"

Evidence, Dilated Peoples
That’s why rapping is also, I think, respected by other genres
of music and people who sing—because they can hold one
note for so long and have to say so few words to get the message
across. “I love you,” “You’re in my heart,” “You’ll be here
forever,” and “It’s hard to sleep without you” . . . that’s a whole
verse right there if you held the notes right. With a rapper, we
can’t do that—that’s not even half a bar.
Many people are drawn to hip-hop music initially because of
the interesting rhythms, and their favorite artists are often those
with a keen rhythmic sense. A listener can appreciate interesting
rhythms even if he or she doesn’t know what the lyrics mean.

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Dreaming by Double L Michel (mp3 download)

Dreaming by Double L Michel (mp3 download)

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